Photos from 2005 CES & ICCE

Also - See photos and comments from other years of CES & ICCE
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Day 1 - January 4

Two days before the opening is nothing but crates and forklifts, and an occasional partially set up booth.

Meantime, the press starts to gather for a preview of some companies.

Axion showed some LCD TV/DVD combos.  A 15" goes for $499.  A 20" goes for $699.

Genoa showed a 5 color (RGB + Cyan + Yellow) LCD.  More vibrant colors and claims that it can help reduce costs.

Clyde Smith of Turner Broadcasting at Storage Visions.  Digitizing all of their content on 100's of Terabytes

Pete Fasciano, a founder of Avid, talking about 1,000s of Terabytes in not-too-distant future in broadcast systems.

Day 2 - January 5

Storage Visions audience during one of the panel sessions.

Des Powers, VP of Philips, showing the new PS110 portable music box at their press conference.

Bill Gates on the Conan O'Brien "show" at CES, talking about Microsoft's new product announcements.

While Microsoft's automotive group was not mentioned at Gate's presentation, it was visible in this form.

Day 3 - January 6 - First full day of CES

CEA Shapiro with FCC Chairman Powell talk about FCC's roll in helping the CE industry grow.

Samsung's 102" (8 1/2 feet) plasma TV prototype.  Last year's 80" prototype will soon be on the market this year.

Panorama of Sony's booth (click photo to see)

Samsung's 57" and 46" LCD TVs.  The 46" uses LED backlighting for 105% of standard color gamut.  57" uses standard florescent.

Day 4 - January 7 - Second full day of CES

Carly & Chris Pedersen review HD Media Hub during HP's keynote.

Philips introduces the ultimate universal remote control.  Own one for $1,700.

Panasonic booth

LG's 71" plasma - note "Available Now", a dig at Samsung.
Day 5 - January 8 - Third full day of CES

Micro digital projector prototype by InFocus using LEDs for light source.  Note quarter sitting on the left side.

Kodak's 4 Mpixel camera with built in WiFi (black tab on top) for $599.  Most buzz on this product was negative.

HP's LightScribe, lets you label CD in the CD burner itself - no ink needed.

LG-Philips 2" VGA display.  They had a magnifying glass nearby to let you read it. Pitch was fine enough that it almost looked like a photograph.

Day 6 - January 9 - Last day of CES

Some will do anything to win a free product. If the Microsoft fairy sees you wearing their buttons you get a free SPOT watch.

Put a projector behind a Lucera panel and you have a bright floating display.  Not for consumers ($1900 to $3000), but less expensive than their competitor.

Samsung booth.  They claimed that they had the largest booth at CES (2500 square feet).

Samsung and everyone else had some kind of portable media player.  Some had photos, some video, some just music.

Day 7, 8 & 9 - ICCE

 ICCE consists of technical papers.  Difficult to appreciate through photos, but here are a couple of representative slides. ETRI is the Electronics & Telecommunications Research Institute funded by the Korean Government


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