digdia helps companies find and understand growth opportunities in Digital Entertainment & Digital Living markets by creating and evaluating strategies, technologies and business plans that require attention markets, technologies, competitors and their value chain.  Customers include Samsung, Panasonic, Philips, Siemens, Intel, HP, Canon, Pioneer, Bosch, Bain & Co. and other companies.

  • Growth Opportunities  - Identifying, assessing and helping to initiate growth opportunities.
    • Researching, analyzing and proposing growth opportunities

    • Creating and evaluating business plans and business models

    • Company strategy assessments, analysis and creation

    • Product strategy assessments, analysis and creation

    • Matching technologies to business opportunities

    • Technology and Company scouting for partnerships and investing

  • Market & Technology Analysis - understand industry and technology trends and disruptions, adjacent industry moves, opportunity points, market sizing, and competition. 
    • Assess technologies & products in the research phase.  Evaluate market potential, business strategies and product plans.

    • Single and multi-client studies can be done on specific topics that require primary and secondary research.  Primary research can involve consumer polling, focus groups and industry thought-leader interviewing.

    • Market and conference reports.  Evaluate competitors and products without tipping your hand.  Also, see the reports page.

  • Start-ups - discounts are available to pre-A series companies that need help in evaluating their business.

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