2009 Showest Movie Posters
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So far in 2009 the movie business is bucking the recession.  Not only are sales up, but attendance is up, too.  And, for the first time, we are seeing 3D movies in the top tier of titles.  People at Showest were in a giddy mood, dropping the usual bickering about financing, windows and pirating - even though these issues are still in the air.
Enjoy these photos of some of the movies that will be coming out in 2009
(a sampling of about 600 titles).

On the business side of Showest, most of the new action was all about 3D and Alternative Content (e.g. opera, sports, etc. shown in theaters).  While deployment has been slowed a bit by the recession, excitement was high because of the big successful opening of Monsters vs. Aliens.  Jeffery Katzenberg was particularly high on a cloud, dropping his usual speech about "we need more 3D screens".


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Movie Posters for 2009 Releases
Showest is a Movie Theater ("Exhibitors") and Studio conference. 
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