4K / Ultra-HD Ecosystem

Product Type: Strategic Analysis
Date: July, 2013
Author: Gary Sasaki
95 pages
Price: $650

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4K / Ultra-HD Ecosystem

This report travels through the 4K/UHDTV ecosystem and gives a snapshot of where we are today.  It begins with the human eye, covers content production, postproduction, distribution and display.  Because multiple applications are involved, use modes include theater, home and office. 

This report is not intended as a product review, though you will see almost all of the current products and prototypes covering almost every corner of the ecosystem.  Rather, it hopes to give the reader a sense for some of the market, competitive and technology issues that face companies that are in (or are thinking of entering) these markets. 

The last section has nine observations and conclusions that the author did not clearly anticipate before starting this report.


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